Are pre-filled CBD vape pens worth it?

CBD RE-LEAF pre-filled vape pen

CBD RE-LEAF pre-filled vape pen

Pre-filled disposable vape pens have been around for a while now but we were surprised when we found that the same company who makes the Chill Gummies now offers CBD disposable pens. So after a couple days of product testing these vape pens here is some things we loved and some things we didn't love about the CBD RE-LEAF.

First we loved how easy it was to use. All you have to do is open the packaging and take a hit. There is a bright white led on the opposite end of the mouthpiece that lights up when you are getting a hit. You can also tell by the delicious taste of the vapor (our favorite is strawberry) which fills your mouth instantly. We love these disposable vape pens because they are just so easy to use. No messing with batteries, wiring, tanks, atomizers, drip,ping and tipping. 

The next reason we can't get over these disposable CBD vape pens is because the CBD effect is the strongest we have felt. Sometimes you need immediate pain relief and these pens hit you quick. I suffer from chronic back pain so I always make sure I have one of these pens on me now. One puff and within a minute I can feel the years of tension and knots melt away. These hasn't been a better product for quick discreet and easy pain relief when you need it.  

That leads us to the final reason why we love these products. They fit in your pocket and you can take them anywhere. Its the size of half a pencil and with 200 puffs inside you simply cannot beat the value and ease of use.

The only thing we didn't love about this product was that there was no way to recharge it or reuse it at all. We do advise that you treat these like painkiller and be cautious with operating machinery or doing delicate tasks because they really do make your body much much more relaxed than normal.