5 Reasons why you should try CBD Gummies

Last week we returned from a huge glass expo in Vegas. One of the coolest products that we got to sample and are now offering in store are the “Chill Gummies” CBD edibles. They come in different forms (bears, rainbow strips, worms, watermelon, and rings) which will all remind you of your favorite snacks. Keep reading to learn the 5 reasons you should try eating your CBD.


  1. More Powerful CBD effect.

    Compared to vaporizable/smokable products you will getmuch more milage out of your CBD when  you eat it. This is due to the fact that your stomach and intestinal tract have much more time to extract the component compared to how your lungs traditionally absorb. If you think about it when you blow out vapor or smoke there is still a lot of CBD in there that goes to waste. You will feel a much stronger cbd effect when you eat.
  2. Easier for non smokers

    If your lungs aren’t used to smoke or vapor it can cause great discomfort for you to try to inhale your CBD and when you are already trying to control pain this can add a layer of complexity. Not everyone likes smoking. Everyone likes eating
  3. They taste great

    This is an easy one. If you like the taste of candy ( who doesn't) then you will love the taste of CBD gummies.
  4. Longer pain Management

    Since you are eating your CBD and its being absorbed slowly throughout the day you do not have to take as much cbd or as often compared to smoking or vaping. Instead of taking a puff every hour you can eat one or two gummies and be good for the day.
  5. Kick the addictive painkillers

    Honestly this point applies to all CBD products but CBD gummies offer a natural alternative to traditional chemical and often highly addictive pain medication. There have been many examples of how CBD can help manage pain safer and more effectively than painkillers so if you are sick of being in pain give them a shot.